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Op2i’s Annual Outsourcing Survey 2010 - Attitudes to Outsourcing




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Strategic Governance

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SME Outsourcing: David and Goliath – how outsourcing can level the playing field

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Collaborations and Partnerships

Op2i has collaborated with a number of industry partners, some of which are listed below (click on logo to access their web site) :

UK National Outsourcing Association

UK National Outsourcing Association

Outsource Magazine

Sourcing Focus

Business Transformation Magazine

Intellect Technology Association

International Outsourcing Forum

Coventry University London Campus

University of Portsmouth


Op2i provides Strategic Business Advisory Services in
Business Transformation, Sourcing and Strategic Governance

We support our clients in developing, structuring and executing business programmes that help transform their operations by making the right strategy, supplier and technology decisions through the provision of strategic insight and the implementation of strategic governance that enhances their competitive advantage through the delivery of auditable board-sponsored or C-level led strategic initiatives.

We don't claim to know more about your business than you do but we do think differently. We challenge assumptions and bring fresh ideas to the table, backed up by rigorous research, analysis, tools and systems.

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Our Services:

Op2i provides a range of services that includes consultancy, facilitation and interim management services and the provision of tools and systems that help organisations develop and implement business transformation programmes. We also work with service providers to transform their business, helping develop new revenue streams and enter new markets.

Our services help management and board directors focus on the matters of greatest importance to the business, promoting more informed and strategic debate in the boardroom and allowing the business to benefit fully from the skills, wisdom and experience that resides within their organisations.

We help our clients through:

  • Mentoring, advising and supporting boards and individuals responsible for championing business transformation, including strategic outsourcing of their business functions or processes.
  • Facilitating, resolving and mitigating issues and disputes that inevitably arise between in major change programmes and in particular outsourcing.
  • The development or refinement of integrated governance programmes to extend the span of management oversight, control and insight across the organisation and across boundaries of sourcing “partners” operations.
  • Providing the systems and tools required for the development of a joint governance system and the development of trust between the parties.


Our Specialisation

We help organisations transition and transform their business through better strategic governance and through global strategic sourcing.

By transitioning we mean managing the move between current approaches to business and a desired future state of business (including: people, processes, technology, markets, products, finance) whilst embracing new opportunities, tools and talent on a global basis.

By transforming we mean adapting business models, structures and value chains to compete and seek new opportunities afforded by convergence (changes in economic, regulatory, competitive, geographic, customer or technology conditions).

By strategic governance we mean an organisation-wide framework that leads to good management, good performance, good stewardship of shareholder or public funds, good stakeholder engagement and, ultimately, good business performance and outcomes for customers and citizens. Strategic governance enables an organisation to pursue its vision effectively as well as underpinning that vision with mechanisms for control, oversight, accountability and management of risk and compliance.

By Global strategic sourcing we mean the wide range of sourcing activity involving: external sourcing (outsourcing), whether onshore, nearshore, offshore, shared services or multi-sourcing; or internal sourcing activity including contracting in, transfering in and delegation (insourcing), in a globally distributed organisational context.


Our Expertise

We provide thought leadership and professional management services associated with business transformation, sourcing strategies and technology driven change.

We have experienced strategic business advisors and process consultants with deep consulting, operational and business experience within global strategic sourcing, business transformation, ICT and strategic governance.

Our consultants have worked with a number of international clients with over four decades of experience. Clients have included: BT, Equant, O2, Batelco, Qtel, Nortel, GPT, Reditus, Nokia, InvestNI, Regulatory Authority of UAE, Regulatory Authority of Macedonia, Government of Bahrain, Regulatory Authority of Oman, UK Environment Agency, IIR, Kent County Council, Ministry of ICT Jordan, Ministry of ICT Somoa, Newtel Jersey.

Our breadth and depth of knowledge provides a strong combination of business, commercial and programme governance skills to help ensure organisations achieve optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

Op2i's deep industry knowledge combined with strong quantitative analysis and leading-edge right practice thinking together with proprietary tools and systems facilitates the identification of opportunities for business improvement, and the assessment of possibilities for externally sourcing processes and/or functions as a value creation initiative. Where appropriate we utilise external sourcing as a means of business transformation, to bring about large and sustained business improvement: reducing costs, accessing relevant skills, improving efficiency and enabling organisations to concentrate on what is core to their business.

We focus on the right practice for your business rather than the best practice in your industry, as the right practice is the best practice for you.

We anticipate and take advantage of the wealth of opportunity now available to our clients through better strategic governance, business transformation and global strategic sourcing, by working with them to reinvent their businesses with practical, well-conceived and flexible business strategies implemented with robust strategic governance processes and systems.

Op2i has several lateral partnerships that, together, offer a broad set of services across various functions of a company. Harnessing our relationships, extensive industry knowledge, strategic expertise, implementation and commercial skills, we accelerate growth and shareholder value for our clients.


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